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Can you direct your employees to get a vaccine?

Recently, the government has made health directions requiring workers in some industries, such as hospitals and health services and aged care workers, to get a COVID-19 vaccination. There are also increasing directions, which require anyone entering certain areas to be vaccinated.


The question for employers who currently have no government direction is – can you require your workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19?


This will depend on the facts that are relevant to your business to determine whether such a direction to your employees is reasonable. Recent cases regarding a requirement to get the flu vaccine have proven that in some circumstances an employer’s direction to be vaccinated will be reasonable.


Employers should also consider whether requiring their employees to get vaccinated will breach any anti-discrimination laws.


Should you be considering directing your employees to get the COVID-19 or other vaccinations, our employment team are happy to discuss with you to determine whether the direction is reasonable and lawful